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Choose the Right Registered Agent Service for a Nonprofit

Choosing the best Registered Agent Service for your nonprofit is an important decision, as a registered agent will acts on behalf of the nonprofit in certain legal matters. In this essential guide, we’ll explain key factors to consider when picking the right Registered Agent Service for you.

What Does a Registered Agent Do?

A Registered Agent is a licensed professional appointed by a nonprofit or business to receive official documents, such as those required by law or served in legal proceedings. Not only does the Registered Agent deliver important notifications, but he or she may also be required to file paperwork on behalf of the company. When selecting a Registered Agent Service, take careful consideration into their qualifications, reliability and experience in meeting these demands accurately and efficiently.

Understand Your Nonprofit’s Registered Agent Needs. 

Before you select a Registered Agent Service, it’s important to understand the scope and needs of your nonprofit. Do you require local or national service? Do you need help with annual state filings? Make sure you fully understand your nonprofits’s immediate and long-term requirements before making a selection so that you can choose the right Registered Agent Service to meet those needs. Nonprofits typically need registered agents as part of the charitable solicitation registration process and for corporate annual reports

Charitable solicitation registration forms are state registrations forms that nonprofit file so that they can legally fundraise in various states. These registrations typically require registered agents in Michigan, North Dakota, and Washington, DC. Charitable solicitation registration is a far more important and complex process than registered agent services and so if you have a firm file you charitable solicitation registrations for you, it usually makes sense to have them also provide your registered agent services to simplify the process and have all your nonprofit compliance handled in one place. Completely Compliant can file your charitable solicitation registrations and provide registered agents for you.

Corporate annual reports are filings done by nonprofits and corporations in states where they are incorporated, have an office, have employees, or otherwise have a significant tie to. Certain business activities such as issuing charitable gift annuities can also require corporate annual reports. Corporate annual reports require registered agents. If you only have a corporate annual reports and registered agent in the state where you are headquartered, you can list a staff member in the state as your registered agent. However, if you have to file multiple registered agents, you will want to use a commercial registered agent. Completely Compliant can file your corporate annual reports and provide registered agent services.

Ask for Recommendations and References. 

Talk to other nonprofits and ask for references and recommendations on the best Registered Agent Service providers. By speaking with other nonprofits you can gain greater insight on the pros, cons, fees, and specific services offered by various registered agent service providers. Additionally, review online customer reviews to form an unbiased opinion of each provider’s capabilities. Registered agent services are not very complex to offer and most firms that offer registered agent services are really all reselling another company’s services under their own brand. So unless you plan to have them file a lot of forms for you, looking at pricing and dependability as a main differentiator makes sense. You should take online customer reviews with a grain of salt when selecting a registered agent service.

Assess Quality of Service and Reputation of the Provider.

It’s essential that you assess the quality of the service and the reputation of the provider. Do your research and read reviews from customers who have used the provider before. Create a list of potential providers that fit your requirements, both in terms of cost and services offered. Compare their credentials to make sure that they operate legally, offer assurance and peace-of-mind for a business owner. This is particularly important if you’re looking for a provider to help with complex compliance issues.

Completely Compliant is a registered agent that you can trust. Please contact us for more information about our registered agent services and other compliance services.