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Completely Compliant


Completely Compliant

Completely Compliant is a team of dedicated professionals who came together with the sole purpose of making charity state registrations easy.  We help the nonprofits we work with stay completely compliant and we do at at a very affordable price.



Charitable Solicitation


We file charitable state registrations for numerous nonprofits and we make the process easy.  We take care of everything required.

Registered Agent Services

We provide registered agent services in 50 states for any charities and nonprofits that need registered agent services.

Corporate Annual


Leave you corporate annual reports to us. We file all your Secretary of State filings so nonprofits can conduct their activities in those states.

Reason To Use

Our Service


We are the experts in charity compliance and make sure everything is handled for you and done correctly.

Customer Service

We provide award-winning customer service.  You will always get  quick response.

Affordable Service

We are the most affordable and best option for charity state registrations.

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